Sunday, 15 September 2013

My Weekly Wishlist

How are you my sweethearts? Having a lovely week so far? I hope you did as I had something big happened recently. Nothing special, but costs me an unexpected bill and a headache. However, in order to try not to pay attention on it, I turned to my online shopping. I got quite a list here and I am thinking of doing a outfit list later as fashion weeks are coming soon. Definitely there will have loads of beauties and handsomes with stylish clothes out there, maybe this is a good idea to make a list. 

Let's have a look what I am up to this week: 

Vogue Paris recently pop-up quite a few RINGS from different designers, and this one caught my attention the most. Arthus-Bertrand is a totally new brand to me. I have no idea about the brand, however this princess caught me. It was simple but elegant. Of course, the shininess, the 1 carat solitaire, is the main point of the ring, isn't it? This absolutely lovely beauty is definitely designed for you, the lady who wishes for a dream royal wedding. Sadly, the website is not quite internationally friendly, I could not understand FRENCH at all, therefore I could not find the price for it *sobbing*

Note to my future husband: FYI This is an example for my engagement ring, please buy me something similar please XD I really love it. There is no point for me to buy for myself lol

Miu Miu Noir sunglasses is not a recent fall-in-love item already. Back to 2 months ago, I was with my friends and her mum in Sunglass Hut in the city. Since I am not eager to buy a new pair of sunnies at that time, I am just wandering around the shop, trying on this and that. Firstly, I am quite into Ray-ban, yet I could not find anything that fit myself. So I started searching around and Miu Miu polygon sunglasses just stand out on the shelf and I fall in love with it. Try it on and ask and the salesgirl explained in detail...... The price is just higher than I can afford at that time. Surprisingly, I was searching for a birthday present few days ago and I came across this sunnies again. It is like 70% less than last time I asked from the store. I may just go for it later this month once I got my pay :) 

Loafers is always my first choice. But having a pair of good-looking and comfortable loafers is not that easy. I currently have a pair styled with tiger-printed fur, is absolutely my favourite. Though it is not a brand shoes, I just bought it from Goodwill with 5 dollars, they serve me fantastic. I think I had them for a year already, but they still in a good shape which means my 5 dollars is super worthy. I came across Céline only recently, even I was in UK last year, I did not really pay much attention to this brand. However, I was reading novel few days ago and it appears within the lines. And I told myself  "Ah... I should look it up. The author describes the shoes in an excellent way and I seem like this brand now (without actually what the shoes look like and do not even recognise the brand). Therefore, I popped into their site, have a browse and found this pair of loafers. OMG.. This is the blue that I like. The shoe shape that I am very fond of. I love everything of the shoe!! Er... What should I do??

Sorry that the weekly wishlist becomes a fortnightly wishlist. Busy working these days and caught a cold. Recovering now. Hope to catch up on my speed soon.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Busy week.

Dear all, I am quite tired these days. Not because I am sick or have been stuck at home for the whole day, but I go to work almost everyday. Although all of the jobs are not that difficult and I did enjoy working for my bosses and with my colleagues, I am out of breath now. Yes, maybe you are wondering what I am doing during my week, besides searching and browsing on the net, watching dramas, I did do some morning exercises and work damn hard, that is the reason why I did not post My Weekly Wishlist last week. I have worked out part of the list, choosing the things I really want, I still cannot finish it as I haven't got enough time to browse on the web.  Moreover, I am thinking of doing a new section call Fun Fact Q&A. Thanks for the beer lids, especially Hahn Beer lol, I come up with this idea. Hopefully, everything will fall into piece soon.
Thanks for your patience, waiting for the new posts :)


Coming up: Birthday Post 

Friday, 23 August 2013

My Wishlist of the week

Hey buddies!!

I assume every girls loves likes shopping. Me too no denial. But currently, according to my latest financial report, I am quite bankrupt after I bought my iMac. However, I love to do "window" shopping online, there are always many of the unexpected, attractive products waiting for me there. They are gorgeous, absolutely eye candy and I JUST WANT TO HAVE ALL OF THEM. There is one good point of browsing online though - save my bleeding, crying, mourning bank account. Luckily that I am quite rational in front of the monitor, although I am so excited while looking at them and keep telling my friend who (always coincidently) sits next to me:


Me: "OMG!! It looks super nice and gorgeous!! Check this out!! I want it so much!!"
~ Show her the pictures ~
Friend (already get used to it): "Yeah... It looks very nice. But you want everything, can you please tell me which one you don't want?" 
Me: "Er.... So true, but I seriously want this one so much. Don't you think this one is cute?"
Friend: "It is.. How much is it? (look at the price) Wow! Quite expensive man, is that a brand?
Me: "Yeah.. it's an American brand and they really sell nice shoes bla bla bla///////" (pretending I know every detail of the company)

It potentially becomes an endless topic.

I realized that my wishlist cannot be annually or monthly. Therefore I make it WEEKLY. sounds stupid though
I will regularly update my shortened wishlist here, so that you will fall into the weekly wishlist "trap" as I do.
Here's my wishlist of the week:

limited edition

Stubbs & Wootton is doing a 50% off sale from the website. You should definitely check out their shoes. They are absolutely fantastic! Although they are a bit pricey, if you could not afford them like me currently, you still can enjoy yourself in front of the monitor, dreaming they are being worn on your feet. And I would love to use their style as my shoes' style index. 

they are doing a huge sale 

After seeing my mate have something like this, I just want one. Okay, maybe let me cut my belly first. 

In order not to overwhelming you with my list, maybe I shouldn't put that many items these time. 
But do check me out on my Pinterest and Instagram. You will be loaded with photos, items and things there :) I cannot wait to see your LIST as well. Show me some of your favourite of the week.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Movie Night - Assault on Wall Street

Sunday Night usually is our relaxing night. Just coincidently, I bought my iMac few days ago which makes everyone quite excited about it. Another coincident was two of our friends said they want to come over for some beer/chat. Therefore, the boy suggested to have a movie night. 

As I am still new to iMac, usually I have my movies in rmvb format which uses up less space than others. However, we just discovered that rmvb format is not supported on it, I have to download some softwares later in order to play my rmvb format movies. So while playing them other movies, I rushed into the study room to download some thrill-movies. One of them is Assuault on Wall Street. To be honest, this is totally crap!!! Nothing thrill at all!! Please check out the trailer above, with the intense and staccato-style of soundtrack, the trailer exactly brings the tense and you would like to find out what will happen in the movie. With disappointment, this movie is slow, keep talking about financial crisis which (maybe) some of the American have faced or are still facing. Not until the last 20 minutes of the movie, there is some shootings and killings. Basically, the whole movie is like a documentary showing how people suffered in financial debts and someone (who is the main character here) started to do crazy things. I couldn't find anything that is assaulting the Wall Street. 

Frankly, nothing thrill, no interesting things, no climax as you can even guess the ending, this movie totally fail. 

Quite disappointed for a movie night like this. 
But no worries, we will watch The Woman in Black tonight, which I quite enjoy last time. 
Tell you how my housemates think about it next time. 


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Monday Catch up - St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert

There are lots of things happening in our house lately. Too many troubles and things just come at the same time which makes as do not know what we should do. Right now, we are like those bomb disposal experts who are trying to cut the correct wire in order to stop the explosion. Life is tough this year seriously.

Being an international in a foreign country, friends are just come and go. One of our friends is going home very soon, therefore Monday becomes our weekly coffee catch-up time. Adelaide has been raining for nearly 1.5 week and finally we can see the sun on Monday. Lucky us!! As I work in Central Market on Monday afternoon, hence I decided to drag my ladies to the coffee shop near my workplace.  

Located on 19 Gouger Street, just opposite to Ding Hao. 
We passed by many times while we were in the car and I always said I must visit one day as the shop looks fancy *blush* And finally I am here. First of all, the interior design looks a bit classy but you feel warm and relax there. Just like going back home, ready for a cup of tea or coffee and (you know) some afternoon snacks.Staff are nice, always have a smiley face and ready to help. Love their attitude.  The ice cream there look so attractive and tempting. They have around 10 different varieties and by looking at the texture and the colour of the ice cream, they should be soft and creamy. Must be some good ice cream I bet. I want to try the wild strawberry one, and see whether they can bet my favourite strawberry ice cream in Hahndorf.  Sadly I had ordered the another dessert later and we had no room for the Waffle Basket (3 different kinds of ice cream in a waffle basket).

We had ordered the I-can't-remember-what-is-it-called dessert plate lol I didn't mean not to remember the name of it, but the name is just too long to memorise. I just remember there is the word 'SWEET'. Anyway, as you can see the picture below, it comes with 3 pieces, the chocolate ice cream sandwich, the chocolate ice cream with QUALITY dark chocolate inside and the chocolate with salted caramel treat. The dark chocolate is brilliant!! It is bitter in some point, however it does not like those you buy from the supermarket. It likes those you have to spend 2-3 bucks each from the display cabinets. Thumb up!! And the chocolate ice cream is marvelous with the rich aroma and smooth texture. We girls totally fall in love with this place. The coffee is okay since we come is not for the coffee but the dessert ;)
Thanks for the relaxing environment, me and Trista at least get rid of those troubles for few hours.

We will come back soon, seriously in love with this little cafe shop in China Town!!
Or maybe next Monday we should try the wine bar nextdoor. 

Want to see another review as well?? Here is Samantha Lau's review on St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert. Also please visit their Facebook page for more information.

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